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12 Nov Creative articles about sewing
Kevin Patra 0 121
Sew self-made face masks – everything you need to know Dear Readers, We would like to focus on a topic that many of you have missed on the blog: the sewing of masks. 1. Do not forget social distancing and hand hygiene! “Never forget the distance rule..
10 Nov NFL coaches fined for violating mask policy on sidelines
Jelani Scott 0 138
Three NFL teams are facing fines of up to $250,000 each because their coaches did not wear masks or face coverings during games on Sunday, according to multiple reports. The three teams being fined are the Seattle Seahawks, Denver Broncos and San Fra..
09 Nov Can I Get a Custom Facemask Like NFL Players Wear?
Grant Gordon 4 9842
Custom football facemasks have been a part of the game for years, but only recently have they taken on a completely new form, changing from mere performance and protection pieces into full on branding mechanisms! Starting last year with players like ..
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